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Inspiration travels around the world in strange ways.

In December 2010, a Tunisian street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire. That started a revolution in Tunisia. Less than a month later, Egyptian students led an entire nation to the streets and squares, to remove a tyrant from power.

The amazing images of Tharir square captured minds and hearts of people around the world, many of them young, giving rise to the 15-M Movement in Spain, the Social Justice protests in Israel, the Indian anti-corruption protests, Occupy Wall Street, the huge student protests of Quebec, the Iranian Green Revolution, and of course, the Syrian uprising.

Each of those events gave rise to the next one, spreading onward the hope that change will happen. That leaders of the world will start facing the real issues of their countries and of the entire world, and stop performing as mindless puppets of the financial elite. There was a feeling of a revolution in the air.

A revolution that didn’t come.

Egypt is now back under a the rule of a tyrant, after a short Islamist rule. In Spain, a right-winged government was formed, as in Israel. India still has a corrupt system, and after struggling against the entire system, Occupy Wall Street folded its tents. Iran’s revolution lost, and Syria is now a place of chaos and horror.

But as we said, inspiration travels in strange ways. And so in the last couple of years we’ve seen a second wind breathed in to the political sphere. Syriza in Greece, Podemos of Spain, Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, and now, on the center stage – Bernie Sanders.

This generation has never heard an American political leader talk the way Bernie talks. Around the world we were brought up with the US as the bearer of unrestrained Capitalism. Democrats, Republicans, they had their differences, but they all agreed: the market is wise, capitalism is good for all.

Bernie Sanders already sends shock waves across the world. The thought of an American president who’s not afraid of the S word is something we never thought we’ll hear. An American president who’s willing to say that the new Paris environmental agreement is not enough, is an ally our generation needs, in the US and everywhere else.

We at RIOTANDCO support Bernie Sanders with all our hearts and pray that he wins. GO BERNIE!